Reformer Bed Pilates

The famous and influential – from Margot Robbie to Meghan Markle – swear by the body conditioning benefits of Reformer Pilates. RP (Reformer Pilates) is a low-impact, mind-body discipline performed on specialist equipment, allowing for a more dynamic, supportive, and/or targeted workout, especially for your core muscles, but can also used for a total body workout. It’s suitable for all, whatever your physique or fitness ability.

Many of the reformer exercises are simply mat Pilates exercises that use the machine to either make the exercise more challenging or make it easier.

This is the beauty of the reformer – it can help make intensify exercises (by increasing resistance) but it can also make exercises easier (by providing support through resistance). Therefore, it’s great for those who are injured, as the machine can feel supportive and helps ensure you’re in the correct position, but she also finds it can be more engaging than mat Pilates.

One to one sessions only are available starting at £30 for your initial session. Block Booking is then available.